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Garment Factory

FCA Garment factory is a manufacturer and supplier of custom made clothing apparels for corporate bodies which includes school uniforms, field uniforms, protective clothing T-shirts, among others. We have a record of stylish garments and competitive pricing.

We have a capacity of about 100 workers in our production center made up of young professional tailors and seamstresses. The factory is managed by experienced local supervisors and quality control personnel with a vast knowledge of the clothing industry. We also supply garment accessories, sweaters among others and provide subliminal services such as embroidery, screen printing etc. with daily production capacity of approximately 5000 to 10000 pieces. 

Some of our previous clients include American Chamber of commerce, The European Union, Ministry of health, Ministry of Trade, college for Ama, Linfra Ghana Limited etc.

Inculcated in this section of the industry, is the ‘’ready to wear’’ initiative. Focusing on production of ready-made clothing such as corporate shirts and office wear for all genders and sizes. We have a number of designers and stylists with vast knowledge and great experience in the ready to wear clothing, who work round the clock to ensure all clients leave satisfied.