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FCA Procurement Solutions

We are into the procurement of various goods, materials, equipment, machinery, and consumables across various sectors. Together with our partners, we have developed major expertise in the provision of healthcare and emergency response solutions.

As a multi-faceted business enterprise, our goal is to ensure our clients’ needs are adequately met. Our team of experts’ work hand in hand with clients to source for quality products that are durable and affordable, giving them a wide range of options to choose from.

FCA Garment Factory

FCA clothing is a manufacturer and supplier of custom made clothing apparels for corporate bodies which includes school uniforms, field uniforms, protective clothing among others. We have a record of stylish garments and competitive pricing.

We have a capacity of about 100 workers in our production centre made up of young professional tailors and seamstresses. The factory is managed by experienced local supervisors and quality control personnel with a vast knowledge of the clothing industry. We also supply garment accessories, sweaters among others.

Fashion Showcase and Events

Our events are designed to give our audience a first feel of the  African Story, our amazing creatives and exposure to design culture and history.

Our inaugural event which was in 2019 offered the opportunity for us to bring several fashion creatives from all over the continent and the world to Ghana to experience our culture through fashion and art.

We continue to host a series of workshops and masterclasses whilst collaborating with designers across the continent to boost our reach in the African market.

FCA Consultancy Services

We help clients develop and enhance their professional and/or personal images by providing top-notch consultancy services. Our clients are our topmost priority and we ensure we give them the best service possible.

Our in-house consultants with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry work closely with clients and tailor our services to each specific client’s needs.

We also assist them in choosing and deciding on clothing apparels for different occasions. We believe that everyone has a fashion style and so we help our clients to find their styles.

FCA Franchise Management Services

Through the FCA franchise management services, we are able to represent major international brands in Africa by leveraging on our local market knowledge. This franchise will be mostly for essential products that are not easily found in markets across the continent.

Hub Management

Through our space management services, we are able to help fashion creatives design their space to effectively carry out their work.

We also accommodate up and coming fashion creatives by providing them with spaces to work on their craft. This enables them to grow their craft and gives them the opportunity to collaborate with other designers on creative projects while building their careers.