>One Million Face Masks Project for Rural Communities

With the current pandemic ravaging through the world, governments and local communities are seeking to create more awareness about COVID-19  and what citizens can do to keep themselves safe during this period. Social distancing, wearing of face masks and frequent hand washing have all become more prominent in our societies today to keep everyone safe and fight back the disease. 


The wearing of face masks particularly has become a norm today to the point that you may not be allowed into certain spaces without it. However, as we all know that not everyone can afford face masks. As a result, we are embarking on producing one million face masks for the next 6 months to distribute to local communities in Ghana. 

We ask that you join us on this mission either as a donor, or a volunteer and together, we can help safeguard people’s lives. You can reach out to us at info@fashionconnectafrica.com if you want to be a partner in this project.


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Catch a glimpse of the launching of the 1 million mask initiative by Fashion Connect Africa.

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